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5000 Veliko Tarnovo
73-A Nikola Gabrovski

8890 Tvarditsa
Industrial Area

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+359 62 602 102


+359 62 602103

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+359 878 360 217


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Frequently asked questions:

What kind of file you need for printing?

It should be in pdf, CMYK on 300 dpi resolution for best printing results on textile.

How many colors can be printed?

We can do photographic images, so all colors in Pantone scale on one product.

What color is the backside of the towel?

Always white. Only on this base printed colors can be kept same as requested.

Could be done only one printed piece?

Yes. We can produce individual personalized product.

Are the colors stable for the washing and sun?

More stable then all well known printed and reactive dyed towels, blankets, etc.

Is the absorption of the towel good?

Yes, it absorb better then standard towels, because of the microfiber component.

Could we print the towel on both sides?

No, only face side is possible to be digitally printed.

Is it possible towel to be with higher quality?

No, technology is fixed on approx.  400 g/m2, because it is best quality for digital branding.

What kind of construction has the towel?

It is special weaved towels – loops cannot be damaged as like it is by jacquard terry assortment.

Do you make samples before production?

Always, and for extremely short time – 24 hours.